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Investment Advisory Business

Arrow’s investment advisory practice takes advantage of a rich network of banking and industry sector leaders to connect potential projects to capital and vice versa. Our business background coupled with a local scene appreciation allows us to be in a pole position to advise our Clients. We also embed within our work a social impact parameter thereby ensuring the sustainability of our client’s businesses.

Client Representation

Imagine for an instance the overhead costs of running a business in any city – Now, add to that the unpredictability of business schedules and local demands/ requests… Is it at all worth it to staff an office that is not revenue positive and manage projects by accumulating air miles with no guarantee of any business? If you are contemplating this, then Arrow Capital is your partner in waiting. In addition to providing qualified “boots on the ground”, we provide business registration, local accounting, deal negotiation services as part of our periodic reporting and advice to our clients.

Management Consulting

For those already doing business in the region, we provide support by helping organizations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement.